Motorized Curtains

The perfect blend of luxury & technology: Get Motorized Curtains!

The perfect blend of luxury & technology: Get Motorized Curtains!


Experience luxury and ease with our range of Motorized Curtains. Perfectly blend function and style with remote-controlled movements. Ideal for any room, they offer convenience at the touch of a button.

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Book a personalized visit to select the perfect fabric and style. Our experts will suggest motorized curtains to match your unique taste and home decor.

12-months Guarantee

Rest easy with our 12-month curtain guarantee and a 5-year motor warranty. Premium quality and enduring performance are our commitments to you.

5 Days free delivery

From order to installation in just 5 days. Enjoy our swift and free setup service in Dubai, designed to bring luxury to your home without the wait.

Features of Motorized Curtains

Wire-Free Elegance

Choose curtains that move on their own, with no wires needed. Charge them up once every 6 months and enjoy.

Universal Design Compatibility

Tailor your space with motorized curtains that complement any window design. Versatile automation that fits your unique aesthetic.

Control at Your Fingertips

Manage your curtains with ease using a remote, app, or voice commands. Effortless control for a smarter living experience.

Cost-Effective Luxury

Motorize your windows at a competitive price. A 2m*3m window will for instance cost AED 1500 for the motorization and AED 428 if you opt for sheer curtains (with flexible payment plans available)

Why Motorization?

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Imagine adjusting your curtains without moving an inch, straight from your bed or sofa. That’s the comfort motorized curtains offer.

Stylish Enhancement

Motorized curtains enhance room aesthetics with their sleek, modern design, effortlessly complementing any interior décor.

Energy Efficiency

Motorized curtains can open and close at the best times to let in light or keep out heat, helping you save on your energy bills.


No cords mean a safer environment for kids and pets. Plus, you can control your curtains away from windows, which is safer for everyone.

Preserved Natural Light

Get the right amount of daylight in your room without effort. Your motorized curtains can adjust themselves to soften harsh sunlight.

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Motorization Pricing

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Essentials Pack AED 1387

  • Curtains Motor
  • Curtains Track


  • 5 Channels Remote ControlAED 149
  • Wifi SwitchAED 1309
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How can you control motorized curtains

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Remote Control

A convenient handheld remote lets you adjust your curtains effortlessly. Ideal for quick changes without moving around.

Smart Device App

Control your curtains using a smartphone app. This is perfect for making quick adjustments from anywhere in your home, offering ease of use and flexibility.

Voice Commands

Integrate your curtains with smart home systems like Google Home or Amazon Alexa for hands-free control. Simply use voice commands for easy adjustments.

Wall Switches

Wall-mounted switches provide a familiar and straightforward way to control your motorized curtains.


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